CNBC Action for Google

A CNBC voice assistant for Google

The Project

Much like with the Amazon Alexa, CNBC was asked to be a product launch partner for the rollout of the Google Assistant, a virtual assistant designed to compete with Amazon Alexa.

Google Home dialog

Team Role

Working with a Product Owner, a technical lead and a team of developers, I led the design of the CNBC Action. I created the Voice User Interface (VUI) along with corresponding graphical user interface (GUI), wireframes,  UI specs, and UX research. Our team received integral support from the Google Home team including technical support and best practices for VUI design.

The Design Process

We followed most of the same pathing as we did in designing for Amazon, but we wanted the CNBC Voice Assistant to be platform agnostic. There were subtle differences between the platform. We had less freedom in terms of the GUI due to the restrictions imposed by the Google API.

User flow diagrams of CNBC Action for Google Home

Original CNBC Action launch prototype for Google Assistant

CNBC Action for Google Assistant demo at Google IO

Current deployment of CNBC Action for Google Assistant

Concept of the CNBC Action for Google Assistant and Google Hub

Additional concepts of the CNBC Action for Google Assistant and Google Hub

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